Dear future self

I started writing letters to my self a few years ago. And I’m so grateful to my past self for coming up with that creative idea.

Your future self will thank you, present you, for spending time planning your life and starting and instilling good habits that will make a huge change when they’ve accumulated a few thousand days. Try it out and see. I’ve just written to 2018 Rowena to remind her that she rocks.

Here’s an excerpt of the one I wrote to 2015 Rowena just before she met the love of her life:

Dear 2015 Rowena

I just wanted to let you know how courageous I think you are. You trusted in God and let go of the illusion of a company being your source. You went out in a limb and trusted God to do what he promised. You have been fierce and although you have been battling with fear, anxiety and chronic fatigue, you’ve defended your boundaries and made great decisions.

Dream. Don’t give up on your dreams and delights. Carry on speaking to God. And keep your heart open to his answers.

Keep pushing on. Keep stepping up. Keep loving me. Keep nurturing us. Keep being kind and thoughtful. Buy me roses and flowers. I deserve it and so do you. Think of new ways to show like and love to yourself.

Don’t stay in the darkness of depression. Come away with me, beloved. Think of ways you dream of being loved. Upgrade them.

More than you can imagine, so much more is in store for you. Smile. Breathe.

You are dearly loved. Cherished. Adored.