I am based in Durban, where I am inspired by the ancient and restless Indian Ocean crashing on our shores. I love discovering ways to use old things in a new innovative way or using new things to honour old ways. ​For corporate or business advisory consulting, please see my LinkedIn account. For Minimalism, Zero Waste and Personal Time Rescue, please read on…

Carefully Curate, Evaluate and Eliminate – Rowena, the Minimalist Consultant

Do you imagine having a home that is clean, functional but reflecting minimal decor and principles. Call me for a  consultation and I will give you practical ideas of how to simplify and organise your home. You deserve to live in a home that is clutter free, pleasing to the eye, with neat storage solutions and it can also be easy to clean. You’ve got so many Pinterest boards (or Evernotes), let’s bring them to life!

 Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rehome, Replant, Repair, Rot – Rowena, the Zero Waste Consultant

Do you feel guilty about wasting food, buying plastic but don’t know how to stop. Don’t know how to say “No” to free stuff and then have it all end up in a corner or junk drawer? Call me for a consultation and you’ll find out clever, efficient products and ways of reducing waste, saving money and the planet! Let’s restore, renovate, revamp, renovate royally! Become a Zero Waste King or Queen!

Travelling Tranquilly through Time – Rowena, the Time Consultant

Are you short of time? Need a personal assistant but can’t give the time to explain things? Call me for a consultation and I’ll share my knowledge and inspiration on becoming your serene future self and creating pockets of time in your life with practical tactics and techniques for tranquility. I distil, digest and present information for you into bite-sized packages. Let’s use technology, clever automation, kind routines, logistics and good old fashioned preparation to calmly give you more time in the day. Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes can see things that are often missed when you’re frantic or tired.

How have you been kind to yourself today?

I believe we are here to transform fear into love. We all need support, loving guidance and a reminder of what’s important to stay on track to do our sacred work. Sometimes that means editing the content of our lives.